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Parts Exchange Program (PEP)

As veterans of the high-tech service industry, it has come to no surprise seeing waste in the electronic sector. Obsolescence, whether planned or not, creates mountains of materials high in toxic compounds and metals.

Plug and play designs with insufficiently trained service personnel can compound this problem. Using modules and pumps that have been refurbished might reduce inventory costs, simultaneously helping to mitigate the problem of waste however; quality of refurbishment remains the foundation of assuring a truly sustainable approach.

Utilizing refurbished and system tested circuit boards, assemblies and vacuum pumps will reduce the overall spend on inventory while producing fewer DOA issues which can come from untested parts. Additional savings (up to 65%) can be realized by purchasing on (RX) Parts Exchange Program (PEP), ensuring that the assembly traded-in will be refurbished, qualified and reused. 

You can participate in the Parts Exchange Program by simply adding (RX) to your part number when placing an order. Our customer service representatives will guide you through the process seamlessly.